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Dentures are one of the oldest and most established dental treatments to replace missing teeth. They are dental prosthetics that perfectly fill up the spaces in your mouth. Multiple available options are there for dentures regarding the materials and the design of artificial teeth. These dentures are created from metal materials and acrylic plastic that closely resemble your teeth and gums. If you are looking for denture treatments in Dubai and Dentures in Dubai then we are here to help you at Ferdows Medical Center.

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Procedure of Dentures

Full dental examination of the mouth is done at the start. We begin by assessing the patient’s oral health and inspecting his or her teeth. We make sure to remove any hopeless teeth and to treat any gum inflammation that we might face. Then we proceed with dental impressions of the jaws, and finally fabrication of the dentures.

mark colaste
mark colaste
I went to Ferdows for my filler. I am satisfied with the results. The doctor hands is so soft that I did not feel any pain. I highly recommended this clinic for sure.
jdeez lyf
jdeez lyf
Very Satisfied
Oksi Art
Oksi Art
Очень хорошая клиника, врач очень понравился, внимательный, делает все быстро и аккуратно. Цены очень доступные - я буду рекомендовать эту клинику своей семье и друзьям Я плохо говорю по английский , но это не было проблемой, врач и ассистент все показали и объяснили так, что даже я поняла. A very good clinic, the doctor liked it very much, attentive, does everything quickly and accurately. The prices are very affordable - I will recommend this clinic to my family and friends I don't speak English well, but it wasn't a problem, the doctor and the assistant showed everything and explained it so that even I understood.
Mary grace
Mary grace
I do my veneer with dr shore is very nice .. an she so professional her job .. I highly recommended this clinic
Manda Ananda
Manda Ananda
I love th clinic treatment dr zhore is verry professional in her work. I do my 1 tooth veneer to her..
Shahad Vp
Shahad Vp
Hospitality very good .dr waleed treated well my dental gavity
Treeper Moon
Treeper Moon
Good accommodation the staff are very friendly and nice people the doctors is good they explain very well and for the price is flexible and affordable overall is a good medical center I recommend it
Fakhar Mirza
Fakhar Mirza
I do my cleaning dr Hussain was good ..
Ahnia Oliva
Ahnia Oliva
Ido my nose filler .. Dr asma is very professional .. I love my result .. highly recommend
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dentures only for older people?

Dentures are affordable, simple to use, and effective tooth replacements that restore your natural smile. Dentures are an effective tooth replacement for almost anyone, despite the fact that they are typically more popular among older people.

What are the types of dentures?

Complete, partial, and implant dentures are the three different forms of dentures. When all of the natural teeth have been extracted and the gums have recovered, complete dentures are created. A complete denture will rest against the palate and cover the gums. When some natural teeth are still present, partial dentures are used. They fit over the remaining teeth and are clasped to the natural teeth.

Is eating with dentures difficult?

You should be able to eat nearly anything once you’ve gotten used to wearing dentures. But some meals, such as those that are stiff, sticky, or hard, might be challenging to eat at first.

How much dentures cost in Dubai?

Since the price of dentures can vary depending on the materials used, the difficulty of the surgery, and other variables, there is no definitive answer to this question. Denture treatments in Dubai however, typically cost between AED3000 and AED4000.

What type of dentures are most natural looking?

Make sure to brush the denture with a toothbrush daily inside and outside.

And keep it in clean water at night while sleeping