How Braces Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

Dental braces are appliances that are used to treat malocclusion, which is the misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Although braces are typically worn during adolescence, more and more adults are getting dental braces for correction as they age. Metal or ceramic, wires, and a bonding substance are the main components of braces. The best Orthodontist in Dubai with expertise in this kind of can be an ideal choice. The success rate of braces varies depending on your age at

Dental filling

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dental Filling

When you go to the dentist, every time you brush, floss, and do everything you can, it seems as if you always end up with a cavity! You can prevent cavities by understanding how they occur and what you need to do to prevent them. You should know the following things before getting a Teeth filling in Dubai. Treatment Duration Several factors determine how long the treatment will take, including how urgently you need it. An experienced Best dentist in Dubai will be

OPG X-ray

Why are OPG X-rays so Essential for Oral Health?

Look in the mirror at your teeth. With the small dental mirror, you can see what’s going on behind your teeth just as well as your front teeth. Are you able to see what’s going on inside your teeth or under your gum line? But do you know how we take the exact decision of which procedure to go with? Here comes the OPG and the best Orthodontist in Dubai at Ferdows Medical Center is here to help you. What

Bad Breath

Are You Suffering from Bad Breath? Get it Treated Now, Advise Dentist

Are You Suffering from Bad Breath? Get it Treated Now Often, people believe that bad breath is caused only by oral or dental hygiene, but in reality, it is a result of recurrent sinus infections, acid reflux, poor eating habits, disruption of the gut microbiome, or — in children — swollen adenoids consult with your gum specialist in Dubai for more information about gum diseases. What is gum disease? Gum disease, more commonly known as periodontal disease, occurs when the gums are